Thursday, 9 December 2010

Musseden's Temple #3


Martin H. said...

These great photographs of Musseden's Temple has prompted me to do a little bit of research. I notice that some stabilisation of the cliff was undertaken in 1997. I wonder what the chances are, of survival?

Frank Harkin said...

Martin. On my visit - just before the snow- the coast road was closed because of rock falls and work was being carried out on stabilisation. That's just a few miles away. But the site of Musseden's Temple seems sound and I don't remember any reports of any problems there - our local press and radio would have on to it like a shot. It is under the care of the National Trust and they usually take good care of things. The Earl (of Bristol) Bishop Frederick Harvey (Anglican) - who built the Temple - did tremendous good work in the area for his Catholic neighbours and allowed them to celebrate Mass in the Temple. He improved the countryside with drainage schemes and new roads and was an all round good guy.