Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Solidarity #2

An few words on today's post:

Last Sunday's post entitled 'Solidarity' was a shot of what is known locally as 'Free Derry Corner'. It's the remnants of the gable wall of a house which marked the entrance to 'Free Derry', an area of the city from which the security forces were excluded after the riots of 1969. It's clear that the sense of oppression felt by catholics and the feeling of being treated for so long as second class citizens leads them to identify with the people in Gaza.

Todays post, Solidarity # 2, was taken in a protestant area of the city about 1 mile from 'Free Derry Corner'. Quite how the loyalists of Ulster identify with the state of Israel is more difficult to understand. It seems that it's a case of - the friend of my enemy is also my enemy or - the enemy of my friend is also my friend. Such is the zero sum game of politics in this part of the world. I can think of no connection between Jews and Ulster loyalists.

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